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LybriSyn HA-Proven joint supplement                                                                                The Sons Family ~ Rob & Kelly Sons
Wea Animal Hospital - Dr Jill Bair                                                                                       Synesael Auctions
Lees Trees - Beautiful Christmas Trees - Lee & Alicia VanVuren                                         Peptos Roan Playboy/ Tommy Carper & Kim Dyer 


KKT Performance Horses - Kathy Fitzpaterick & Travis Tieman


Year-End High Point Saddle Sponsors

Lee & Alicia Verun are generously sponsoring a High Point Saddle for those members in the
Those classes included are all Novice Youth Classes and their respective Conformation classes

Lees Trees celebrates a variety of beautiful Christmas trees.  They have firs to spruce to potted trees for you and your family to enjoy for years to come.  They also make custom wreaths and grave pillows.  



Res Novice Youth High Point
will receive a pair of custom made Chinks
compliments of Tim Martin & Sheila Madden

                               Lees Trees Sponsoring a saddle for the High Point Novice Youth Member

Lees Trees in Wheatfield Indiana

click the card to go to Wea Animal Hospital

IRHA would like to thank Dr Jill Bair & Wea Animal Hospital for their purchase of the new Priefert Cattle Chute.  It will sure make numbering the roping cattle eaiser and safer for all.

Wea Animal Hospital is one of Lafayette's newest small animal hospitals, yet their staff boast over 70 years of combined experience!

Preventive care is their tool to helping your pet live a long & happy life.


Ranch Special~$700.00