Frequently Asked Questions

 As a new member, you will have many questions. Hopefully this page has some of the answers you are looking for. If not, please don't hesitate to contact any one of our officers!

Q. How do I qualify for year-end awards?
A. First, you must be a current IRHA member. Second, you must show at 3 of the 4 shows.  To qualify for the Top Hand/ Top Horse award you need to do steps one and two and also show in at least one cattle class.

Q. What does it cost to register my horse with ARHA?
A. The fee is $20 per horse. You only need to register your horse one time in ARHA.

Q. What is the difference between becoming and ARHA member and an IRHA member?
A. Becoming and ARHA member entitles you to show at any ARHA sanctioned show in any state where there is an affiliate charter. IRHA membership is not required to show at any shows sanctioned in Indiana. However, the membership entitles you to voting options, year-end high point awards, and show high point awards.

Q. Why should I show in IRHA?
A. IRHA offers its members premium show grounds on which to camp and show your horse, and it offers a wide variety of classes you can enter . The charter takes its members wishes and concerns into consideration and sees to the best interests of the charter as a whole. IRHA was ARHA's Charter of the Year in 2009.  When you join IRHA, you are eligible for weekend and year end awards!

Q. Can I show any horse, say, for instance, my friend's horse?
A.  The short answer is, Yes, as long as:
1) the horse either qualifies for registration in ARHA, or already is registered with ARHA
2) the owner(s) are members of ARHA  
3) you are a current ARHA member if entering ARHA point classes
If you are not currently a member or your horse is not registered, you can still show at IRHA shows in the non-point / open jackpot classes

Q. How can I get involved?
A. It's easy! We welcome anyone interested in ARHA or IRHA to visit us at our shows, joins us at the Hoosier Horse Fair, or ride with us in clinics. There is always something for everyone. Contact any one of our officers for more information. 

Q. Are there practices anywhere? Can I get training and help with showing?
A. Several of our members are trainers and offer clinics as well as private lessons. Our shows are the perfect place to meet members who are willing to help with showing.

Q. What breeds are accepted in ARHA?
A. Western stock-type breeds including AQHA, APHA, ApHC, and Pinto (may not be gaited) registries are accepted. Gaited horse are currently not accepted by ARHA. If showing in open, non-point classes, all horses, regardless of registration status, may be shown.

Q. How are points figured?
A. For classes that have less than ten entries, horses will be awarded as many points as there are horses in the class. For instance, if there are four horses in the class, first place receives four points, second places receives three points, third place receives two points and fourth places receives one point. There must be at least two horses in any class for points. Conformation