“The mission of the Indiana Ranch Horse Youth Association is to provide a program for youth that promotes the highest standards of horsemanship, riding skills and personal development as well as engaging in activities to help promote the Ranch Horse Industry.” 

Section 1: Youth Committee
There may be a Youth committee of the Indiana Ranch Horse Association and shall operate within the scope of the bylaws, rules, and regulations of IRHA and hereby referred to as the Indiana Ranch Horse Youth Association (IRHYA).
Section 2: Objectives of the IRHYA are:

  1.  To promote the highest ideals of sportsmanship, leadership, and devotion to create strength of character, self-discipline, and     self confidence.
  2. To promote pride in ownership of ranch horses among youth members.
  3. To teach and learn safe horsemanship, both care and handling of horses.
  4. To improve and develop the ability of youth members through group participation.
  5. To provide competition opportunities at a level suited to the rider.
  6. To be of service to IRHA.
    Section 3: Membership.
    Members of IRHYA shall consist of and be limited to those members of IRHA who are not yet (19) years old by January 1st of current year. Initial membership to the IRHYA shall be accompanied by a birth certificate or ARHA youth card to establish birth date for eligibility to accumulate show points in the correct age division. All IRHYA members shall abide by the rules of the American Ranch Horse Association and IRHA. A member in good standing of the IRHYA shall be entitled to all rights and privileges for members of IRHA.
    Section 4: Dissolution clause.
    In the event of the dissolution of IRHYA, any monetary or physical assets remaining after club liabilities have been met will be turned over to the Indiana Ranch Horse Association.

Youth Scholarship Program


1.  Three Year Member of IRHA

2.  Showed in at least two shows each year

3. Attending college the following year or currently enrolled


* Money collected for our Youth Education Fund will be awarded.

" Money that is raised and designated for the educational fund will be split. Fifty percent the current year and fifty percent the following year.

* Recipient chosen by a panel of three people. Panel cannot consist of relatives to a participant or people from the same facility. One participant per family/per facility

* Awards will be given at the current Year End Banquet (recipient does not have to be present)

* Anyone under the age of 18, the money will be given to the legal guardian

IRHA Youth Members

IRHA Youth Members

This great team of young IRHA riders placed 3rd at the ARHA World show

This great team of young IRHA riders placed 3rd at the ARHA World show

ARHA World Show first place youth team!!!!!

ARHA World Show first place youth team!!!!!