Know Before You Show!!!

IRHA shows are run as smoothly and efficiently as possible to ensure entries are added in proper classes and the show stays on schedule. Here are some guidelines and suggestions new members need to become familiar with BEFORE coming to the show.

  • Bring your current ARHA membership cards with you to the show. You will not be permitted to show in point classes without providing proof of membership.
  • Bring copies of your horse's ARHA registration papers. Your horse will not be permitted to show in point classes without providing proof of registration.
  • If you have not joined ARHA or your horse is not yet registered in ARHA, you may do so at the show, however, you will be charged a $10 rush fee. Joining in advance and registering your horse before the show saves you and show staff time at the office.
  • Have current negative Coggins and health papers ready when you sign in at the entry office, especially if traveling from out of state.
  • Become familiar with how ARHA classes are judged and how points are tallied. Read your rulebook ahead of time so you know what to expect.
  • Keep track of your points by horse and by division so you are properly credited for your awards at the end of the year, both on IRHA's part and that of ARHA. While the both associations work hard to keep correct records, mistakes can and DO happen. Any discrepancies in points must be brought to ARHA's attention in a timely fashion to be credited properly. Spreadsheets are a great way to keep track of your horse's achievements throughout the year. IRHA works hard to ensure your points are kept accurately, HOWEVER, we can only compare our points with what ARHA has and if there is a discrepancy, every effort will be made on our part to get it corrected.
  • Know the requirements of ARHA and IRHA in order to be eligible for all awards.  Those requirements for ARHA can be found in the ARHA rulebook and  for IRHA can be found under the Awards and Points tab. 

Really!! the baldy will charge you!!!

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