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  Sign up for your at will slots when you pre enter!!!!
   No more standing in long lines at the show.  We will do our best to honor your at will reservations as close as possible.  You will be sent a conformation of our classes entered and your at will draw.   Don't do pre entries??? no problem.  You can still enter at will horses at the show.  



RIDE ON! Team Challenge
1.   Each Team will consist of a 4 person team.

2.  Riders may compete on more than one team if in a different division.  
3.   A rider can compete on the same team if on a different horse but only 1 rider per horse
4.  Classes included in the team challenge are: Ranch Trail, Ranch Riding, Ranch Reining, Ranchmanship, Ranch Cutting,            Ranch Boxing, Ranch Roping & Working Ranch Horse.
5.  Each team must have at least one rider in a cattle class and a rider in a pattern class.  Teams DO NOT have to have a           rider in all the classes
6.  If a team does not have a rider in any particular class, no points will be awarded to that team for that class
7.  All points from all judges will accumulate for high point team
8.  Cost is $5.00 per person ($20.00/ team)
9. All team members must be IRHA members
10. Team must be signed up by 10:00AM EST on Friday Sept 16

11. The Champion team will be recognized with Buckles at the completion of the show.  The Reserve Team will also receive        awards
                   For a little extra fun...  come up with a TEAM NAME!!

Ranch Reining - 8
Novice Ranch Reining - 7
Ranchmanship - 7
WRH - 3
WCH - 1

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