** NOTE: 
All classes & awards are 1 horse /1 rider EXCEPT for AA, Jr Horse & Sr Horse.  Points for those divisions are tallied on horse only EXCEPT for Top Hand/Top Horse & High Point Saddle.  Those two awards remain 1 horse/ 1 rider.

Each Member MUST show in at least 3 out of the 4 IRHA sanctioned shows to be eligible for yearend awards.

    ***You MUST be an IRHA member to be eligible for year-end awards.*** 

                        *** All Owners of all horses most be members of IRHA ***


                   Please email us at indianaranchhorse@gmail.com with any discrepancies 


   Remember that you must show in 3 out of the 4 shows to be eligible for year end awards. 

 (EXCEPT WCH that was not offered at the MWC - exhibitors must show 2 out of 3 shows)

 Show results can also be found at Gray Mare Production

      High Point Saddle                                             

 All Division High Point Saddle

Novice Youth High Point Saddle

     Division Points


Jr/Sr Horse Division

Amateur Division

Novice Amateur Division

Youth Division

Novice Youth Division


                                Points standings include all IRHA shows and the Midwest Classic.  

Blue highlight is Champion, Red highlight is Reserve Champion,  Green highlight is Top 5 and Orange highlight is Top 10.   

       If you see a discrepancy in the points, please contact     indianaranchhorse@gmail.com    before Nov 8, 2023

                                            After that date POINTS WILL BE CONSIDERED FINAL

Please be very specific if you have a question about the points standing.   Only YOUR points will be discussed.