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The mission of the IRHA is to promote well broke, reliable, and versatile ranch-type horses.  IRHA strives to develop the horsemanship skills of our members and to provide an atmosphere where honesty, personal growth and politeness towards fellow horsemen exists.  An environment where horses are respected and where true western tradition is genuinely honored.

IRHA is open to all enthusiasts who want to become better horsemen and horsewomen and have more fun with their horses in a safe and friendly environment with like-minded horse people.  Whether you have a single horse, train a barn full or somewhere in between, IRHA has a division & a class for you.  

The national association, the 
American Ranch Horse Association, was founded to promote the abilities of the all- around versatile working horse through shows, clinics, and sales, in a friendly, down-to-earth family atmosphere, while establishing a uniform set of rules, providing qualified ranch horse judges, as well as to promote uniformity and consistency in judging, increase the use of common standards, and to provide a national point system and a World Show for exhibitors to compete for national awards and titles.

For those who wish to test and improve their riding skills and abilities and have fun doing so, the Indiana Ranch Horse Association offers the ideal opportunity. Horses are shown naturally, with no hoof black or banded manes. Casual western attire is required and we show our horses in simple, common tack and equipment. 

• Annual Family membership: $30
• Annual Individual membership: $15
• Youth membership: $10

A copy of IRHA's By Laws are available for viewing and download.


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There are  different divisions offered at IRHA shows:

All Age
Any horse & members registered in ARHA  may show in this division. This division is occasionally divided into Junior horse (horse 5 yrs and younger) and Senior Horse  (those horses 6 yrs and older).   There is no additional ARHA division card required to show in All Age classes.

Amateurs are exhibitors who have not trained horses owned by others for remuneration (pay or exchange of goods or services). These exhibitors are considered non-pro and may show in All Age and Amateur division classes. A separate ARHA Amateur card must be purchased to show in Amateur classes.

Members that are 18 years of age or younger as of January 1 are considered youth. They may show in both Youth and All Age division classes. Married persons or exhibitors with children do not qualify for youth status, even if they meet the age requirements. A separate ARHA Youth card must be purchased to show in Youth classes.

Novice~ Amateur & Youth
Novice exhibitors must also have an ARHA Amateur or Youth card.  A member is eligible for Novice until they have accumulated 1000 points, points are accumulated on rider only.  Novice exhibitors may cross enter in their perspective amateur or youth divisions and open divisions as well.  Novice points will not carry over into youth or amateur classes and ROM's will not be presented for Novice classes.  There is also a separate Novice Cattle Designation - designed for Novice in cattle classes only.  IRHA will offer year end class awards for novice classes.  

Please refer to the ARHA  2022 ~ 2023 Rule book for complete details and explanation of these rules and guidelines
It is important to KNOW YOUR ELIGABILITY


Classes Offered

IRHA, the official state charter of the American Ranch Horse Association, offers a variety of classes for the equine enthusiast and at all levels of competition. From the beginning youth to the accomplished professional, we have something for everyone. 

Just starting out??  Try Horsemanship& Ranch Riding.  Or if you have worked a cow, we have Ranch Cutting, Herdwork and Ranch Boxing.  For those that are pattern lovers we offer Ranch Trail, Ranchmanship, Ranch Reining, and for the cowboy in all of us, you can jump right into Working Ranch Horse and Ranch Roping!

 For more details of each class, class description and how these classes are judged please visit ARHA's website. 


Sponsor of our Top Hand/Top Horse Award

Sponsor of our Top Hand/Top Horse Award