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The mission of IRHA is to promote the well broke,  reliable & versatile ranch-type horse.  IRHA strives to promote the horsemanship skills of our members & to provide an atmosphere where honesty, personal growth & politeness toward fellow horseman exits.  An environment where horses are respected and where true western tradition is genuinely honored.

For those that wish to test or improve your riding skills and abilities, IRHA offers the ideal opportunity.

Horses are shown more naturally,  with no hoof black or banded manes.  Your horses tack is more realistic to the working ranch horse as well as exhibitors wear traditional ranch attire.

For detailed description and information of requirements and regulation of tack, equipment, and exhibitor apparel,  go the the American Ranch Horse Association website  or see the 2022-2023  handbook.


Annual Membership Options:

Family - defined as all members of a family that reside in the same household as well as any youth 18                  years or younger.  $40.00

Individual - designed for those sole members  wishing to show OR non-riders  of a horse that is owned                       by a single person.  $20.00

Youth -is defined as those members that are 18 years or younger as of January 1 of that fiscal year.                   Youth that are included in a family membership DO NOT  pay an additional youth membership.                 $10.00




There are different divisions offered at the IRHA shows.  All divisions require an ARHA membership.  All horses must have a Certificate of Eligibility License before showing at any ARHA sanctioned show.  Memberships & Certificate of Eligibility 


ALL AGE - is open to all contestants regardless of age or status.  This division is divided into Jr Horse (horses 5 years of age and younger) and Sr Horse (horse 6 years of age and older).

Amateur - is a person who has not received direct or indirect remuneration for showing, training, giving lessons, or clinics in the last 36 months.  Complete details of Amateur rules & regulations can be found on page 36 of the ARHA rule book.  

Youth - are members that are 18 years of age or younger as of January 1 of that fiscal year.  Married persons or those with children do not qualify for Youth status, even if they meet the age requirements.  Details for the youth division can be found on page 35 of the ARHA.

Novice - Amateur & Youth - Novice exhibitors must also carry an ARHA Amateur or Youth card.  A member is eligable for Novie status until they have accumulated 1000 points.  POINTS ARE ACCUMULATED ON RIDER ONLY IN THE NOVICE DIVISION.  Novice riders may cross inter in the regular Amateur or Youth classes as well as in the Open classes.  More details on the Novice divisions can be found on page 37 of the ARHA rulebook.

There is also a Novice Cattle Designation  for those exhibitors that are novice in the cattle classes only.

NEW TO 2023!!!  Novice exhibitors are required to fill out a Novice Declaration form.  That form can be found on the ARHA website or on this website on the FORMS page.

It is important to KNOW YOUR ELIGABILITY. 

Points will begin accumulating once your membership is paid.





On this page: 

  • IRHA Mission statement
  • Membership options
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  • IRHA By-Laws
  • Over view of classes offered

Overview of Classes Offered

IRHA offers a variety of pattern and cattle classes.  
To name a few :
Ranch Trail is a class that each charter will design a different pattern for each show.  It will include various obstacles that might be found on the trail or during the course of a day on the ranch.

Ranch Riding is the rail classes that displays the balance and free moving of the ranch type horse.

Ranchmanship is a class that showcases the versatility & preciseness of both horse & rider.  It combines trail & reining maneuvers in a single pattern that is designed by ARHA.  This class IS NOT timed.

Ranch Reining is just as it says, a modified reining pattern for the ranch horse.

Ranch Cutting is a popular cattle class.  Riders have two & half minute to demonstrate they can cut a single cow from the herd, hold it from the herd and then track and pen the calf, similar to  working cattle on the ranch.

Ranch Roping is a class that is like doctoring cattle on the ranch.  Cattle are numbered  0-9 and as rhe rider crosses the time line, judges will call a specific number which the rider will rope trying not to disturb the rest of the herd.  Riders have 90 seconds to rope their calf.  A break away hondo is used.

Ranch Boxing - riders have 50 seconds to demonstrate they can dominate & hold a single cow on the end of the arena.

Working Ranch Horse is maybe the most advanced of the ranch classes.  It is a three part class.  Riders will perform a designated reining pattern, call for a cow to box, turn on the fence then rope using a breakaway hondo.  This class has a 6 minute time limit.

Classes that are not "Ranch" classes  IRHA offers are:
Conformation - halter classes divided by gender and age- 2 yrs & Under/ 3 yrs and Over
Horsemanship - short pattern to demonstrate correctness of horse and rider
Herdwork - two & half minutes to cut up to 3 cows. 

All classes have more detailed description and guidelines that can be found in the ARHA rulebook.


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