• New in 2015 - Novice Classes are being added to the show bill!  Novice Classes will be run concurrently with their respective Amateur or Youth Classes.  You have the option of entering in just the Novice or "cross entering" in both divisions. There is a class entry fee for each division, however, if you 'cross enter'  a cattle class, there will be only one cattle fee. 
    • Example 1: Class 11- Amateur Ranch Reining and Class 12 -Novice Amateur Ranch Reining will run together.  The results will be separated by class so points and awards will be awarded in each class, each division.  If you want to enter both divisions, you would have the class fee for each class, but you will only show once.   It will work this same way for all the Novice Classes.  If you have any questions please feel free to ask a board member or the show secretary and we will be happy to help. 
    • Example 2:  Mary & Gerald are both Novice riders.  They enter the Ranch Cutting.  Mary pays a $20 entry fee and a $22 cattle fee.  Gerald (feeling very prepared) cross enters into the regular Ama also.  Gerald pays a $20 Novice class fee, a $20 Ama class fee and a single $22 cattle charge.  Betty & Jim are regular ama riders in the class also.  In the class of twenty (8 novice - 12 Amateur) Mary draws third and Gerald fifteen.  Betty draws up fifth and Jim last - sorry Jim.  Cows stay good and Jim is ready for the challange - he scores a 71.  Betty a 68, Mary a 69.5 and Gerald a 70.5. These are the top four scores.  Placing would be as such
      • Novice                                                                  regular ama
      • Gerald -first -9 pts                                                    Jim - first -10 pts
      • Mary -second -8 ots                                                 Gerald -second -9 pts
      •                                                                                Betty -third -8pts

             Reminder: the Novice points earned are on the rider only, they DO NOT accumulate on the horse for ARHA awards           such as: ARHA ROMs, Superior Ranch Horse or Ranch Versatility, etc.  
         IRHA will be awarding Week End High Point and Year End Class Champions in the Novice Amateur, Novice 13 & U          and the Novice 14-18 divisions.
         If you have questions about the Novice program, please don't hesitate to contact any of the board members.

We would like to invite you be get involved with the newly formed Indiana Ranch Horse Youth Association.  Bethany Schoon is the Youth Director.  Alexis Wulff is your youth representative.   They are planning group mixers, educational activities, fun stuff and fund-raising events.  Please go to the Youth Page for more details.
The fun has already started!!  Check it out!!  
There will be a very short Youth meeting at the May show.  Listen at the show for announcements.
Ranch Reining & Ranch Cutting will be added money classes for the 2015 show season. This will be paid in All Age, Amateur and Youth.  Each class will pay back:                             
                       1st - $40
                       2nd- $30
                       3rd-  $20
                       4th-  $10

All Age Herd Work will be a $75 added money PLUS 60% of class entries included.  Payback of the 'pot' as follows:
                        1st- 40%
                        3rd- 20%
                        4th- 10%

The Added Money classes and Jackpot Herd Work will not be offered at the Midwest Ranch Horse Classic.


2015 Show Schedule

May 16-17, 2015  Cloverdale, IN
June 20-21, 2015  Cloverdale, IN
August 22-23, 2015  Cloverdale, IN
Midwest Regional Classic    October 22-25, 2015    Cloverdale, IN