New Classes for 2014
1.  Green Working Ranch Horse Description and Rules - IRHA Approved - click on link for more details  -  This class is designed to give beginning riders the opportunity to become acquainted with the Working Ranch Horse class in a competitive yet non-threatening environment

2.  Herd Work - ARHA and IRHA Approved - The horse's natural cutting ability but where the exhibitor can handle the horse in a ranch type atmosphere  -  more information can be found on pages 99-100 in the 2014 - 2015 ARHA Rule Book

3.  All Age Boxing - ARHA and IRHA Approved - Ranch Boxing consists of a designated ranch reining pattern and a single cow work (boxing) on the end of the arena  -  more information can be found on pages 72-73 in the 2014-2015 ARHA Rule Book

New Features

1.  Click on any of our sponsors links to go to their website

2. Sept Show - we will have a carry in dinner for all exhibitors.  IRHA will supply the main dish, you are welcome to bring a side dish or dessert.  If you are unable to bring a dish you are still more than welcome to join us, there is always plenty of food!

3.. We will have Trail Practice Friday night, but no Friday night cattle practice.  There will still be cattle practice available on Sunday morning if weather allows.  

4.  Patterns for the June show are:

     Reining                             AA - 2     AMA - 4      Yth - 4
     Working Ranch Horse    AA - 3     AMA - 1       Yth - 1

     Ranch Reining                 AA - 4     AMA - 2       Yth - 2

     Working Cow Horse       AA - 1      AMA - 5      Yth - 5

     Boxing (RR)                     AA - 2      AMA - 1       Yth - 1